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What is Anki?

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Have you ever had a hard time memorising a large amount of Spanish words? Or maybe you feel that the rate at which you are learning the words is a bit too slow? Anki is Spaced Repetition System that allows you to memorise any Spanish word through flashcards.

How does Anki help you memorise new Spanish words?

The algorithm in Anki is one that while you have no need to know how is was put together, its good for you to know how it helps you. The system is set so that words are shown to you just before you forget them. This means that the easier you find a word, the less often this will be shown (it could even take 2-3 months before the word is shown to you again). Anki also takes care of turning the flashcards around, such that instead of asking you for the Spanish word, it will ask you to translate the Spanish word into English. This is an important function if you are looking to gain fluency on the newly acquired word.

Anki vs. Traditional flashcards

The traditional way of memorising foreign vocabulary through physical cards has long been seen as having many advantages. First of all, you can create the cards from plane cards and design what ever you want on them, from just the written word you are trying to learn, to a memorable drawing you feel may facilitate the learning process. Also the learner is fully control the learning experience.  If you feel that a word is very had to memorise, instead of putting the card at the back of the deck you can slide it in closer to the front so that you will come across it sooner. Many feel that this hands-on way of learning is great and continue to use it to this day.

However, there are other people who feel like the process of making the cards yourself from scratch requires too much effort. Some many even find having to carry the cards around and having to keep them organised an annoyance. Anki takes care of many of the things that come with traditional flashcards for you. For starters, it can be downloaded as an app on your phone or laptop/PC. This means that there’s no extra weight for you to carry around.

Why Anki is Great

Overall, the creation of the cards is much more high-tech. In you are not that great a drawer, you’ll be thankful that you can import images from your phone or the internet onto the app. Isn’t that brilliant? Technologies allow allows you to do other things you would have not been able to do with physical flashcards. If you’ve ever used physical flashcards you may have realised that there really isn’t an effective way for you to practice your listening skills. Anki is great because the learner can record a native speaker or himself in the app, so that when a card is turned the Spanish audio is audible.

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