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Useful Ways to Learn Spanish Words Through Flashcards

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Flashcards are a great way to memorise Spanish vocabulary. It’s important for you to see a word you want to learn several times so it sticks to your head. This is the same reason why immersion is so effective. Going to live in the country of the target language you are trying to learn, means that by default the same word is going to show up around you time and time again throughout the day. This way, you brain remembers the word. Not only this, but you can expose yourself to the Spanish words in all different kinds of contexts.

How does this helps your brain learn Spanish?

  1. Different contexts offer the visual part of your memory juicy images with which it can hold on to the word.
  2. Exposure to the Spanish vocabulary in different situations give your brain a range of emotions that can be linked to the word.

Why learning Spanish words this way works

You ever noticed when you were young that some of the words you knew, you simply knew how they were used correctly without trying, however if someone asks you what exactly the word meant, you have a hard time explaining it?

Flashcards give you the opportunity to recreate this immersion experience, by allowing you to review the same vocabulary many times over a period of time.

Types of flashcards

There are two main ways people use flashcards to learn vocabulary:

  1. Hand-made flashcards
  2. Anki flashcards

Hand-made flashcards

Hand-made flashcards allow the learner to go through the process of making each card. This can really help kinaesthetic learners learn the words, are the write each one. This also gives you the option to add a drawing into the card. When using this traditional method of learning with flashcards the learner has.

How to make your hand-made flashcards

Anki Flashcards

Anki is an app available both in Android and Apple. With this app all you have to do in enter all the vocabulary you want to learn, and then the app repeatedly shows it to you in the future. The frequency with which you will be shown the cards totally depends on its difficulty. For instance, if a word is for hard for you to remember, the frequency is increases automatically by Anki. On the other hand if the word is really easy you might not see the same word for another month.

How to use anki

Why use Anki Flashcards to learn Spanish words?

This system is based on the spaced repetition system, which means that Anki shows you the Spanish words just before you forget them. This app is also good because it allows you to put in audio into the cards, which can be very useful when you are trying to improve you listening skills.

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