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How To Speak Spanish in 3 Months

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So you must be wondering how to speak Spanish within 3 months. Well, fluency is a totally subjective thing to determine and honestly depends on the topic you are discussing. For instance, if I was to ask you a question that would be deemed basic for a master’s degree Physics student, you would probably struggle to understand half the words I was saying (unless you are a Master level physics student yourself). This shows that even though you are by society’s standard perfectly fluent in English, there’s still a lot of words you don’ know.

This is good news however, because it shows that you don’t need to know all the words in a language in order to become fluent, you only need to learn those that are used every day by people and will also you to discuss common everyday topics. However, if the type of fluency you look for is for the purpose of you using the language in the workplace, in sports team that you very often go to or even a holiday location you very frequently visit, that would the vocabulary that you would specifically want to learn.

How many Spanish words do you need to learn?

Research has shown that 90% of the words we use are covered by 2000-3000 most frequently spoken words. This means that if you are able to memorise all these words, you would be well on your way to learn a language such as Spanish. One of the ways to effectively get through the most common words, is by learning them already within the phrases you would use in your everyday life.  Methods like flashcards and immersion can help you to easily do this.

That’s not all, just because you know all the words you need does not make you fluent. Can you imagine that every time you try and say a sentence, the people you are speaking to can literally see you putting together what you are going to say in your head? That doesn’t sound like fluency does it. It is for this reason that it’s important for you to make some new friends and practice the newly acquired vocabulary, that little by little you will start to gain confidence, and you will be able to put phrases together faster and faster. After a while, you will not have to think about it at all.

How to speak Spanish online through conversation

There are many ways for you to practice the language with others. If you can afford it you can go to the country where they speak the target language and practice there the following three months. If you are like most of us however and can’t afford to do this due to family, job and other responsibilities, you can meet people online on websites like These websites are great because it allows you to meet with people that have similar hobbies to you, which means that they will be more than happy to help you learn.

Most importantly though, creating that habits of learning something every day will have you speaking Spanish to the level to want. Practice makes better, the more you practice your Spanish the better you will get!

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