***WARNING: Due to recent reports from students who have experienced accelerated Spanish Speaking improvements, you may experience anger or regret from the wasted years. These advanced memory techniques should only be used to learn Spanish as instructed in the course.

Join over 1,200 spanish learners already getting results with the course! 

  • Starting speaking spanish  in minutes.

  • Learn new words fast - Freely form your own phrases.
  • Easy-to-follow explanations of the spanish language.

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Module 1 - Meeting People

First of all, in this module of the video course you will learn to introduce yourself. This course helps you to gain fluency in specific conversational scenarios so you can feel totally comfortable with meeting new people. The memory techniques will make the words stick so that you can form the phrases as you please.

Module 2 - Present tense

In this second module you be able to speak on the present tense during conversation. You will be presented with the building blocks of the spanish present tense used by native speakers in an easy-to-follow method. It will help you understand it so you don't have to memorise anything.

Module 3 - Future tense

Start getting the freedom you've always wanted when expresssing future plans in spanish. In this module you will understand the most useful ways to talk in the future tense. This is the most natural way used by native spanish speakers and the best approach for you to sound like you are a native.

Module 4 - Past tense

Begin being able to tell people what you did during your day or in the past in Spanish. This final module will help you express past experiences. This is your chance to stop feeling completely lost when you want to use the past tense. Empower yourself with the ability to tell stories.


"I haven't spoken Spanish in 20 years and I'm going to Spain next week. So, this course was excellent to refresh my memory. Manuel uses simple but practical everyday language. Thank you" - Ginette Collin

"The lessons touch on key things that will help you when travelling or speaking to Spanish speaking friends"- Leslie

"Easy to understand/simplified" - Angela Torrens

"Instructor's delivery is clear and engaging. He's very enthusiastic about teaching, and uses creative memory techniques." - Dahlia Greer

"I learned quite a bit in this course...the techniques were actually pretty efficient..." - Tracey Crumedy


Speak Spanish Instantly

Starting speak spanish in the first 5 mins with the HD Video Course!

Get spanish accent

Understand the correct pronunciation for spanish phrases.

Recall Vocabulary 

It uses memory techniques that help you memorise new words fast!

Listening practice

Comprehend any native spanish speakers.

Learn On The Go!

The course its provided on MP3 format so you can listen to it on your  mobile.

Improve at you own pace!

Step-by-step building blocks to be able to say advanced sentences.


Dear Spanish Learner,

Do you want learn to spanish, but don't know the right way to learn a language?

My name is Manue and I speak: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Italian, etc.

Guess what? I'm not a Genius! Not even close. Read the following very closely, because I'm about to reveal my secret system to learning languages extremely FAST... 

I was born in Valencia on 14th January 1993. Growing up in Spain I never dreamt of speaking English, "There's no way I could ever learn such a cool language" I thought.

Then when I was ten, with out expecting it, I moved to London where I have no choice but to try and learn the language. I quickly realised that everything I have learnt in school had been totally useless. I couldn't even understand the sentence: "What's your name?". I was blown away...

"I thought I new some english, at least the basics, and when I found myself in front of a native speaker I felt completely lost..

Eventually, I began to be able to speak and understand english. I noticed there was a very scientific step-by-step method to the way I was breaking down the words, grammar, sounds, etc. As close as I was to codifying my own method to learn languages, I didn't think about it anymore when I realised I could communicate freely.

What's the secret to speaking a language fast?

Years later, when I was 18, I realised my love for the French language. Seeing as there was no way for me to get someone to teach me, I began to teach myself. I searched for very random online resources and videos to learn the language. It was a painful process, but my newly found passion kept me going.

After much failure with being able to speak or understand any conversational french, I began to think back to how I learnt english in the first place, "I've become fluent in a language already, why shouldn't I be able to learn ANY other language?"

Finally, I realised a very important concept: If you want to be good at something, you must practice that thing specifically. It was so simple, yet I had completely missed it. This became even more true for me when I remembered that my twin younger brothers had learnt English from TV in a Spanish-speaking household. 

Can anyone really learn Spanish without any talent?

I started to use a particular system to  practice speaking and listening specifically, and it worked!

As people around me began to doubt the effectiveness of my system, because of the common Latin roots between French and Spanish, I went back to a language I once disliked as a secondary school student: German.

 I was met with another critism, "There's no way you could learn an Asian language. They are too hard!" - I took the challenge. After experiementing with Chinese, Arabic, Russian and a couple of other languages, I realised this was a system ABSOLUTELY anyone could use to learn any language - including Spanish!

Eventually, I used this same system to teach 1 on 1 other people who had for a long time struggled with English  and was easily able to get them speaking, contrary to their own beliefs that they were terrible at languages.


At LearnSpanish101 we utilise your natural ability to absorb new information quickly by using different memory techniques such as our “memory links”. 

Advanced techniques such as Prof. C.A. Mace’s 'spaced repetition' have also been applied so that you will not have to rote memorise any of the vocabulary introduced. 

This course also provides a native speaker of the Spanish language to benefit your listening skills. 

After personally using the techniques delivered to you by LearnSpanish101, the founder was able to learn: French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian and Japanese.


Have you ever taken a Spanish course, and then when you want to use the language in a real life situation with someone, you realised you couldn't say much more than hello? Well, many language learners encounter this problem.

We have found that this initial experience makes you think you are bad at languages and LearnSpanish101 aims to change that! We want you to feel good about your ability to learn languages!

 You will learn building blocks of Spanish that will allow to form hundreds of sentences. We will hold your hand throughout the whole process have you speaking Spanish immediately! Enrol on this course and don’t miss out on this easy opportunity to naturaly learn Spanish!

Other traditional language learning structures are based on boring, tedious teaching approaches that work against the way your brain is truly supposed to learn. The method used in this course uses an approach totally different from all others. 

This approach will keep your brain engaged on the learning process and allow you to automatically learn language grammar rules without realising! You will learn the most important tenses in the Spanish language and will be freed from the constraints of “complicated grammar”!


  • Speak staight away
  • Advanced Memory techniques
  • Pronunciation explanations
  • No memorisation
  • No homework
  • No note-taking
  • Study spanish anywhere
  • Learn through speaking
  • Understand spanish accent


This Easy Conversational Spanish Course is designed to walk anyone through the steps to getting comfortable with  speaking Spanish. Everything  is given to you in an easy-to-understand and remember manner. You'll have all the tools you need to begin your journey through the Spanish language.

We're so confident in this course, we'll give you a one month (30 days) money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you follow the steps and you feel you can't speak any spanish, not only would we be shocked and amazed, we'll also refund your investment into this Easy Conversational Spanish course.


BONUS #1 - 60 day money-back guarantee

BONUS #2 - Free access to hours of future updates to the course

BONUS #3 - Easy Conversational Spanish Audiobook 

BONUS #4 - LearnSpanish101's Spanish Phrasebook

This last bonus offers are for the people who take action first. 

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