About Us


Our mission in LearnSpanish101 is to teach the world Spanish. We want to eliminate any many of the misconceptions people have about learn a new language, and we plan to do this through teaching Spanish!

LearnSpanish101 avoids the traditional language learning systems taught in schools and focuses instead on methods and techniques that allow your brain to learn the way its truly supposed to.

We aim to keep your brain engaged on the learning process and get you speaking the language fast. Without any effort at all, you will automatically learn language structure and grammar rules and be able to have a conversation with native spanish speakers.

At LearnSpanish101, we believe language learning should be fun. We want to help you realise the true potential of your mind to retain new vocabulary quickly and easily. At LearnSpanish101 we utilise the brain’s natural ability to absorb new information quickly by using different memory techniques and conversational exercises.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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